New Super Mario Bros. Wii

If Mario gaming brings joy to your heart
The new 2D game might just seem rather smart.
A game without pistols, a game without knives,
A game without checkpoints or infinite lives!

Its four-player gaming kept smiles on our faces
while hopping ‘cross pits in the mushroom-filled spaces.
Through grasslands and icelands, hills rocky and stark,
In the lava-filled caverns, and halls ghostly dark.

We stomped all the Goombas, and nabbed all the flowers,
Rode Yoshi and slid with our Penguin Suit powers.
We bashed blocks of brick, and the coins we collected
Provided spare lives when we weren’t so protected.

The Mario Brothers and Toads can be played
(The Princess can not, and that leaves some dismayed.)
You play by yourself, or with one or two others,
(Just toss them in pits or try using for covers)

This game, I would say, stayed quite great overall
Cooperatively or in Battle Royale.
We played it with joy – it’s a game we adore
For New SMB I award highest score.

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